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Stationary Commode

Commodes are a stationary item that can be used beside the bed as an alternative for the washroom or they can be used over a toilet to give added support. They are adjustable in height and are easy to adjust and transport.

Weight Capacity: 350lbs (bariatric model available)
Dimension: 24.25” overall width


Transfer Bench, Bathroom aid

Transfer benches are used to assist someone with bathing and to minimize the risk of slipping or falling. They are available in padded and non-padded models and are adjustable by height.

Weight Capacity: 350lbs (bariatric model available)
Dimension: Varies by model


Portable bath seat for inside shower or bathtub

A bath chair is a portable unit that can be used inside of a shower or bathtub to sit down on. They come in a variety of different models with different options such as arms or no arms, and a back or no back.

Weight Capacity: Varies by model-bariatric models available
Dimension: Varies by model
Assortment of different models available


Versa Frame, Bathroom aid

A versa frame is bolted to the back of a toilet and provides arms for someone to use when using the toilet. They are adjustable in height to fit most standard toilets.

Weight Capacity: 300lbs
Dimension: 14.5”-17” in height

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