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Walking aid, Crutches

Crutches are a mobility aid that transfers weight from the legs to the upper body for those who cannot use their legs to support themselves.

Weight Capacity: 300lbs
Dimension: 28”-42” in height

Availabe at 519 Talbot Street


Walking aids, Forearm crutches

Forearm crutches are similar to regular crutches however you support yourself on your forearms rather than underneath your armpit.

Weight Capacity: 300lbs (bariatric model available)
Dimension: 36”-60.5” in height

Availabe at 519 Talbot Street


Walking Aid, Knee Scooter

A knee scooter is a four wheeled alternative to crutches or a traditional walker. The patient is to place their injured or weak leg on the seat and kick off with their dominant leg.

Weight Capacity: 300lbs
Dimension: Adjustable in handle height and for left and right leg


A rollator walker is a tool used for additional support and stability while walking. They come with a seat and hand brakes for safety as well.

Weight Capacity: 250-600lbs
Seat Heights: 19”, 21” and 24”
Handle Height: 28”-40”
Many different models available


Walking aids, Aluminum Walker

Walkers can be used as a daily walking aid and can reduce the stress on painful joints or limbs, or simply help balance.

Weight Capacity: 250-500lbs
Dimension: 26”-37.5”

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